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        Sandi Thompson’s (former lead trainer for Sirius® - 20 years) 
    BRAVO!PUP Puppy & Dog Training

We train puppies, dogs and their people.

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Our indoor classes are carefully designed to provide you and your puppy with an unsurpassed learning experience ...

Learn, play, grow ...
• Puppy classes (9 - 18 weeks old)
Level 1 - Five week course:  basic manners, obedience combined with off leash playtime

• Puppy Socials  (9 -16 weeks old to start)
Drop in classes: A venue where puppies can burn off energy and enjoy social interactions with other pups and their people. 
• Puppy Intermediate and Advanced levels 
Continue your puppy’s education with higher level learning. Level 2, Level 3, Level 4 and TRICKS!
Private Training and Coaching 
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Puppy Socials! 

 • Mon. night  5:15 - 6PM
                      Oakland Zoo  Auditorium
                • Tues. night  6 - 6:45PM
           Pet Food Express - San Leandro
         • Thurs. night 6 - 6:45PM
                      Oakland’s Lake Merritt district
Come play with us!
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for pups 9 -18 weeks to start    

 April 17Th, THUR. 6PM 
   El Cerrito

 April 22nd,TUES 5:30PM - FULL
   Piedmont Ave, Lower
 April 27Th, SUN. 11:30AM - FULL
 April 27Th, SUN. 10AM 
    Upper Piedmont Ave
 April 30Th, WED. 6PM 
   El Cerrito

 April 9Th, WED . 7PM - FULL
   El Cerrito

 April 27Th,SUN 12:15PM - FULL
   Piedmont Ave, Upper
 May 5Th, MON 7PM 
    Oakland Zoo
 April 26Th, SAT. 9AM 
   North Berkeley
basics for dogs 5 mos. and older
 April 24Th, THUR. 7PM - FULL
   El Cerrito
 April 26Th, SAT. 11AM - FULL
 May 7Th, Wed. 7PM
    Oakland / Alameda
 April 16th, Wed. 8PM 
    Oakland / Alameda
Extreme Recall

 April 21st, MON. 6PM   
   Oakland Zoo

Jump & Pull
 May 5Th, MON 8PM 
    Oakland Zoo
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Classes designed for young and  adult dogs too.

Educate, inspire, support ...
• Dog classes (5 mos and older)
Level 1
Five week course: Basic obedience,manners, with special attention to the challenges of adolescent and young adult dogs. 

Dog Intermediate classes
Level 2
Continue your dog’s education with higher level learning. 

Specialty classes
Improve your recall, teach your dog to heel, prepare your dog for CGC test, and more ...
Private Training and Coaching 
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