Private In-Home Training For You & Your Dog

The At-Home Training Solution

Does your dog have a specific issue that you need help with? Are you unable to participate in a group class due to your schedule constraints or your dog’s behavior? Would you prefer one-on-one coaching from a qualified professional so you can make more rapid progress with your dog?

With private lessons you and your dog have the undivided attention of a professional BravoPup trainer. We focus exclusively on your goals, teaching you how to effectively work with your dog. Private sessions last an hour and are highly customized with expert client coaching and written follow-up reports. Training can be in-home or in outdoor environments (or both) depending on your individual needs.

The Process:

We start with an Initial Evaluation to gain a full understanding of your dog’s behavior issues and your training goals. Then we recommend a training plan and appropriate package e to help you achieve those goals.


A comprehensive behavior evaluation that may last up to 90 minutes. We collect a complete case history on your dog’s behavior and discuss your training goals in depth. Based on our findings, we’ll recommend a training plan and package that fits your needs.

  • Fee: $150
  • If you’ve already attended one of our classes the cost of the Initial Evaluation may be reduced to $125 at the trainer’s discretion.


Single session: $125

  • We spend an hour with you and your dog to review a skill and/ordiscuss a behavior issue.
  • Good for situations where you just need a little help or fine tuning.

4-Pack: $425

  • We coach you with your dog once a week for for an hour for 4 weeks.
  • This is the DIY (Do It Yourself) package: We teach. You learn. Then you practice, practice, practice.
  • A good choice if you want to expand on skills learned in class, such as recall or polite leash walking.

8-Pack: $825

  • We coach you with your dog twice a week for 4 weeks.. This schedule helps keep you focused and motivated to achieve behavioral change within one month.
  • Popular for single issue cases that require you to do a lot of repetitionsuch as leash reactivity, repairing broken recalls, pulling and jumping on leash,


This is the cost-effective solution for busy owners who don’t have time to devote to training but want a well-behaved dog. We come to your home and train your dog on the weekdays while you are at work. Then on the weekend we coach you and the dog together in a “transfer session” so that you stay in step with what your dog is learning.

12 pack: $1230

  • Three times a week for 4 weeks; 2 days with dog, 1 day with you and dog.
  • Recommended for installing multiple basic obedience commands or addressing complex behavior issues.

16 pack: $1600

  • Four times a week for 4 weeks; 3 days with dog, 1 day with you and dog.
  • Recommended for extensive behavior modification plans or multiple issue cases.'


If you are interested in private training, please fill out the Private Training Intake Form. We’ll match your needs with one of our professional trainers and put them in direct contact with you for scheduling. Our trainers are very busy! The trainer may need to schedule 2-4 weeks in advance. For further questions, feel free to contact us at 510-621-3630 OR

*Private training and class fees are non-transferrable


  • Requires 90 min Initial Behavior Evaluation
  • Duration: 1 hour/session
  • Frequency: 1-4 times/week depending on package