Puppy Socials!

For Puppies 9 to 16 Weeks old

We Nurture Puppy Play!

BravoPup socials are specially designed for pups 9 to 16 weeks old. We provide a safe and comfortable environment where your pup will learn to build lifelong social skills. Our socials provide:

  • Safety: A sanitized space for your pup to to become a confident and well-adjusted dog.

  • Variety: Friendly and educational interactions with different pups and people.

  • Training: To identify, prevent, and modify fearful and aggressive behaviors.

  • Supervision: Our expert instructors directly supervise all puppy play.

  • Exercise: You’ll have a tired puppy! A really, really tired puppy!

  • Convenience: Multiple locations: Oakland Zoo, Lake Merritt and El Cerrito. See calendar below or our Locations page for addresses.

Our puppy socials are held in a sanitized space that is divided into two parts. The younger and shyer pups get their own protected area to explore safely. Then, when they are ready, they can join the more confident group in the adjoining space (we call it the rowdy room).

Under our constantly watchful eyes, puppies learn how to build healthy relationships with one another. Socials are a great way for puppies to enjoy interactions with other puppies and their people while burning off energy!

Early socialization is critical for your pup’s development. According to the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior’s (AVSAB) Position Statement on this topic: “In general, puppies can start puppy socialization classes as early as 7-8 weeks of age. Puppies should receive a minimum of one set of vaccines at least 7 days prior to the first class and a first de-worming. They should be kept up to date throughout the class.”

If you are concerned about the risk of outdoor exposure while your pup in still receiving his vaccine series, we encourage you to carry your pup to and from your vehicle when you attend our socials.

Requirements & Information:

  • You must pre-register before your pup’s FIRST social; after that, you can attend any social without registering again.

  • Space may be limited so please arrive early. Socials will be closed when the room reaches capacity.

  • Bring your pup’s vaccination records to the first social. If you do not bring them, we can not admit your pup into the social.

  • Your pup must be in your home for at least 10 days before his or her first social.

  • Your pup must have a minimum of one set of Distemper/Parvo vaccines and the first deworming at least 7 days prior to the first social and should be kept up-to-date on vaccines thereafter


  • Socials are for young pups to enjoy themselves NOT for working on aggressive behaviors. If your pup is not having a good time and/or is upsetting other puppies you will be asked to leave. We simply do not want your pup’s behavior to get worse at the social or frighten other puppies! Thanks for understanding.

Come out and get your puppy socialized during this important time in their lives!


$15 Bravo Students

$20 Non-Bravo Students

  • Number of classes: Ongoing

  • Frequency: Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursday evenings

  • Duration: 45 minutes

  • Drop in Fee Payable On Site by Cash Only

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